MaryAnn Velardi

Certified Derma Technician, Certified Micropigmentation Instructor, Diplomat Of the A.A.M. & A.C.D.R., Life Time member of the S.P.C.P.

MaryAnn Velardi has been quoted; “Authentic permanent makeup is not just an art, it is a collaboration of art meets science.”

“Experience makes all the Difference!”

MaryAnn has been practicing permanent cosmetics for more than two decades. She has performed thousands of procedures, leaving a gratifying mark on numerous clients. Her clients consist of a wide variety of ages, ethnicities, males as well as females, T.V. personalities, celebrities and just everyday people who want to look like one! 

She is geared towards a more “Natural Look” approach to permanent makeup, while working closely with each individual client to achieve the look he or she desires.

MaryAnn was an innovator of her own simulated hair stroke technique long before microblading. Which can be attributed to her lifelong artistic abilities as she is an accomplished artist in her field.

Also, her knowledge of color theory allows her to blend the perfect color combination to fit the seasonal tones of each individual client.

Relying on her years of drawing anatomy and architecture, her innate skills in understanding the human form, allow her to create an authentic simulation of the effect of Botox or an eyelift without compromising precise balance.

More noteworthy, she is one of the few permanent makeup artists that can pre-procedure draw eyebrows and lip liner freehand with accuracy, without commonly used mapping tools.

MaryAnn’s educational background in Biology and interest in medicine helps her as she collaborates with doctors and plastic surgeons especially in reconstructive and corrective cases.

Moreover, working with cancer survivors to restore their eyebrows post chemo as well as re-creating areolas using a proprietary 3-D technique after a mastectomy.

Lastly, MaryAnn started in her beauty field at a very young age. With acquired skills from her mom, nationally known as the Beauty DoctorTM, she can instantly envision a more beautiful transformation of you!

A true Artist!

A true Artist!